FAQ: When Can I Send a Patient to Collections?

FAQ: When can I send a patient to collections? Answer: You can send a patient to collections at any time. Payment for services rendered is due at time of service or shortly after patient responsibility determination. Best Practices: There is … Continue reading

Co-Pay vs. Candy Crush

  It is the mantra of practice managers and revenue cycle managers, and the headline of industry articles daily: collecting at time of service is important. But why? You are competing with Facebook and Candy Crush. With the introduction of … Continue reading

New Technology, Better Results

AR Logix to Utilize LiveVox Call Center Solutions to Provide more Robust Compliance Capabilities In response to ever-changing industry regulations and increasing compliance standards, AR Logix, Inc. has partnered with LiveVox, Inc., a leading provider of call center solutions. Our use of … Continue reading

Stop Trying to Collect Money from your Patients

With the rise in high deductible health plans and self-pay patients, your patient accounting team should focus more than ever on collecting money, right? Wrong. Increasing patient responsibility is not forcing only healthcare organizations and medical providers to change their … Continue reading