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Today’s healthcare organizations are looking to increase revenue, decrease costs, and maintain patient relationships. At Collector University, we provide the right tools to help you meet these goals. We offer in-depth revenue cycle webinars, affordable training tools, free collections and compliance resources, and other useful information and tips. Most importantly, we help you educate and empower your medical office staff to be the best at what they do.

Training & Compliance Webinars

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At AR Logix our goal is to help your healthcare organization increase revenue, decrease costs, and maintain your patient relationships. In our quarterly webinar series we will provide regulation and compliance updates, medical office staff training, leadership training, and more to help your hospital or medical practice succeed at every stage of the revenue cycle.


Collector University’s seminar titled “Collecting Higher Co-Pays, Deductibles & Co-Insurances Under the Affordable Care Act” gives hospital and medical staff an in-depth learning approach to maximizing revenue and redistributing your resources back to focusing on your patients. It is a 3 hour program with medical collections experts that allows patient account representatives to:


  • Learn about industry updates to ensure your practice remains in compliance
  • See examples of how to manage difficult patients, and how to improve the patient experience
  • Change the mindset of your medical office staff about patient collections and asking for money
  • Understand the DO’s and DON’Ts of collection practices
  • Get actional tips at all stages of the revenue cycle to improve recovery and patient engagement
  • Learn how to improve cash flow and inspire positive change in your office

Webinar Dates & Topics

  • We currently have no webinars scheduled – please check back for our next event. Coming in April 2017!
  • While you’re here, check out our latest webinar! | Collecting from Patients: The Human Component
    • Learn how to change your mindset about collecting money
    • Understand the patient’s perspective and discover barriers to payment you may not be aware of
    • Tips for improving patient collections at time of service as well as pre- and post-service
    • Leadership tactics for improving staff engagement
    • What characteristics you should look for when building your patient accounting staff

Looking for more topics? We host a new webinar every quarter, so check back soon for the next topic! In the meantime, catch some of our previous webinars on demand:

For more information on these topics, and many others, check out our full library of resources and our healthcare revenue cycle management blog for more training tools and tips!

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Why Choose Collector University for Your Medical Collection Training Needs?

For nearly 30 years AR Logix has provided hospitals, physician groups, and healthcare providers with the tools & education they need to be successful within their organizations. Our expertise allows us to educate, motivate and empower medical professionals to collect money more effectively from patients.

  • Get training and advice from several subject-matter experts within the company. No matter which stage of your revenue cycle needs help, we have an experienced staff member or department who can help.
  • Feel empowered to meet challenges and take the risks necessary to create success within your organization.
  • Learn how to collect co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurances at the time-of-service.
  • Start recognizing and overcoming objections and excuses from patients.
  • Learn what you can and cannot communicate to patients according to various healthcare and collection industry guidelines and federal and state collection laws.
  • Get answers to frequently asked medical collections questions.
  • Gain unlimited access to online resources and materials designed to improve your organization’s collection practices.

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