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AR Logix to Utilize LiveVox Call Center Solutions to Provide more Robust Compliance Capabilities

Benefits of medical customer service call center technology infographicIn response to ever-changing industry regulations and increasing compliance standards, AR Logix, Inc. has partnered with LiveVox, Inc., a leading provider of call center solutions. Our use of LiveVox’s technology will ensure that we maintain our strict quality standards while also effectively managing the evolving compliance requirements and restrictions in today’s healthcare and collections industries.

New Contact Center System

Our new contact center system provides stringent compliance controls that address the key concerns of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and will allow us to maintain compliance with the various statutes and standards imposed upon our industry including the FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA.

As always, we will continue to record all phone calls for quality assurance and to provide our clients with customer satisfaction survey results taken at the end of each call. The simple-to-navigate IVR system will ensure patients do not get lost in a list of options and proper routing connects callers to the appropriate representative the first time.

We maintain the ability to blend inbound and outbound calls to guarantee all patients are reached at the times that are most convenient for them, and that our representatives can be reached with questions or payments without delay.

“We look forward to continue supporting AR Logix in driving not only their own business results, but also those of the hospitals and physicians which they service.”

“Healthcare is notorious for their complexity, and that impact is felt more now than it has ever been before with today’s growing compliance pressures and changing consumer base,” said Brian Hamilton, Sr. Operations Consultant at LiveVox, Inc. “For service providers like AR Logix, they must be at the forefront of adoption in order to help healthcare providers stay flexible and profitable. Cloud provides a path to make those adoptions and AR Logix is a prime example of its success. For AR Logix, cloud allows them to cost-effectively leverage the latest compliance tools and an unrestricted, streamlined workforce on-demand. This in turn frees AR Logix to focus solely on managing their revenue cycle performance and customer service levels. We look forward to continue supporting AR Logix in driving not only their own business results, but also those of the hospitals and physicians which they service.”

LiveVox received the 2015 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award from CUSTOMER magazine, a publication for the call/contact center industry. The award announcement published by stated that the company was chosen for its ability to “help contact centers achieve higher levels of agent efficiencies while maintaining even greater risk mitigation safeguards compared to traditional dialing technologies.” Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist at LiveVox explained, “As the compliance environment remains uncertain, it is important for contact centers to be able to rapidly adapt to market changes without sacrificing critical time or cost.”

We are looking forward to putting this technology to use for the benefit of our clients. If you are interested in learning more about our customer service center solutions, please contact us .

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 Written by Ali Bechtel, Public Relations Coordinator for AR Logix
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