Your Favorite AR Logix Moments in 2014

Your Favorite AR Logix moments in 2014

With the end of the year approaching we took a look back at our clients’ and readers’ favorite blog and social media posts. We always strive to produce high-quality, informative content that will help you excel at your job and we learn what you want to learn by your interest in what we have already created. If you have a question or interest that is missing from this list, please email me at to let me know and we will be sure to address it next year!

Top 3 Blog Articles:

3 Reasons Staff Training Will Benefit Your Practice: Patient Account Representatives are the essential foundation within a practice or hospital’s revenue cycle. When you representatives are properly trained and well educated, you will see a dramatic increase in case flow and patient satisfaction. In order to create a productive and profitable practice, it begins with providing staff with the appropriate training and tools that they need in order to be successful at their jobs.

3 Common Medical Accounts Receivable Problems and How to Fix Them: Has poor medical accounts receivable management resulted in a reduction of cash flow for your medical practice? For hospitals and providers it is not uncommon for accounts receivables to be put on the back burner. However, getting paid for services rendered is crucial in maintaining a successful practice and fulfilling your mission.

Reasonable or Extraordinary?: Breaking down the new hospital regulations under the Affordable Care Act:  Nonprofit hospitals are feeling the strain of new regulations on top of increasing patient balances and stricter collection requirements. Deductibles are up nearly 40% from the average for an individually purchased plan before health care reform, yet the Affordable Care Act requires nonprofit hospitals to follow “reasonable billing and collection requirements,” and to cease “extraordinary” debt collection. But what is considered “reasonable” or “extraordinary”?


Top Facebook Post:

The Collector University team was busy traveling up and down the coast hosting free educational seminars this year. We started off the year presenting “Collecting from Patients in a Difficult Economy,” and introduced a brand new seminar this fall: “Collecting Higher Co-Pays, Deductibles & Co-Insurances under the Affordable Care Act.” Collector U will be taking a “Spring Break” from seminars in order to attend more local HFMA and MGMA chapter events with you, but we will be returning with our seminars in the fall. Hope to see you there!


Top Twitter Post:

This month we started a new #TuesdayTip series and our Twitter followers seem to like it! We will be sharing a new time-of-service collection tip every Tuesday across our social media profiles. Follow us on Facebook , Twitter or Google+ to receive the updates!

Top Video:

“How to Collect from a Patient who wants you to Get to the Point” has been our most popular video for 10 of the 12 months this year. This video shows you how to handle a patient who is too busy to speak to you and just wants you to “get to the point.” We have various training videos that provide you with scripts to overcome common objections and excuses on our YouTube channel.   

Top Google+ Plus Post:

We celebrate everything we are thankful for here at AR Logix! This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with a Keystone Wounded Warrior Project drive, raising money for the local chapter.

Top LinkedIn Post:

Our third-party collection company, Berks Credit & Collections, celebrated its 25th anniversary this year! We received love and support from our followers in our top LinkedIn post of the year.

Top LinkedIn Post of 2014












We want to thank everyone who has followed our blog and social media this year. We hope we can continue to create content that is important and informative for you. We are always open for questions and suggestions and we look forward to engaging with you all even more in the New Year! If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter, blog updates and free training resources, please join our email list! Happy Holidays from the whole team at AR Logix!


Written by Ali Bechtel, Public Relations Coordinator

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