3 Reasons Staff Training Will Benefit Your Practice: A Complete Resource Guide

3 Ways Staff Training Will Benefit Your Practice: A Complete Resource Guide


We continually assert that patient account representatives are the essential foundation upon which a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle is built. When representatives are properly trained and empowered, it leads to a dramatic increase in cash flow and patient satisfaction. To create a productive and profitable practice, begin with providing staff with the appropriate training and tools to be successful at their jobs.

Here are three reasons why ongoing training for patient account representatives should be a priority. Need a few resources to kick start ongoing training efforts? We have included those for you too!


1. Patient account representative training ensures compliance.

The constant changes and evolutions of the healthcare industry’s laws and regulations can impact the effectiveness of your representatives. When staff members are unsure about what they can and cannot do, they are unable to perform well. Having a good understanding of the laws and regulations gives them the support they need not only from the practice, but by the law.


2. Training will increase patient satisfaction.

Giving representatives the proper tools and techniques to effectively communicate with patients – whether they are collecting over the phone or at the time of service – will lead to an increase in the volume of payments, a decrease in collection costs and an overall higher rate of patient satisfaction. Having a well-trained staff gives patients confidence that you know what you are doing as a business and not just as a provider, and connecting with them well will assure them you have their best interests in mind.


3. Training improves overall patient collections.

By providing consistent training for patient account representatives on the importance of their role in converting accounts receivables to cash, you will see a significant increase in the amount of patient responsibility collected. A well-trained staff not only has the confidence to ask for money, they are also less likely to make mistakes that can hurt the revenue cycle. Employees who are well trained will have a sense of empowerment and an overall appreciation for the practice they work for. After all, happy employees are hard-working employees.


Whether your office chooses to train its clinical and administrative in-house or to utilize outside resources, making employee development an integral part of the organization will produce substantial benefits. It will help your representatives gain confidence, be more productive and reaffirm their commitment to your practice.

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Compiled by Ali Bechtel, Public Relations Coordinator

This information is not to be construed as legal advice. Legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. Although we attempt to provide up-to-date information, laws and regulations often change. We make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of this document. For legal advice, please consult an attorney.


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