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Managing your business’ accounts receivable – or all the money owed to your practice for services rendered – is an important part of running a healthcare organization. Whether you work in a large hospital or a smaller physicians group, effectively managing healthcare accounts receivable can increase your revenue significantly as well as improve in-office efficiencies and streamline staff tasks.

With increasingly complicated processes of working insurance claims, appeals and denials, identifying financial eligibility, payment monitoring and overall patient follow-up, medical office staff members are finding an overwhelming amount of tasks time-consuming. With declining rates of reimbursement, higher patient deductibles and an increase in business operating costs, many healthcare organizations find that a more sensible program of accounts receivable management would greatly benefit the business end of their offices.

Early-Out AR Management Services

  • We assume the financial responsibility of the patient statements – meaning we  print & send patient statements for free to reduce your costs
  • Thorough management of all account receivables with patients and insurance companies
  • Follow-up calls with patients at times that are most convenient for them – not only at times when your office staff is available to talk on the phone
  • Collectability scoring to determine a patient’s likelihood to pay
  • Time-tested process for collecting & following up with patients based on their collectability score
  • Easy identification of financial aid or charity care eligibility
  • Skiptracing to verify patient address/contact information
  • Advanced healthcare technology incorporation and full HIPAA security compliancy
  • Insurance resolutions, such as denials, appeals and Medpay

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Problem & Aged Accounts Receivables Services

  • Medical collections
  • Primary placements
  • Secondary placements

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How Is Accounts Receivable Management with AR Logix, Inc. Different?

AR Logix, Inc. offers a way to handle patient collection efforts more thoroughly with comprehensive medical accounts receivable solutions. Outsourcing to professionals means that your healthcare receivables management will be handled by a team of experts with specialized training in healthcare IT with patient scoring and analytics, and a high level of respect for your valued patients.


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