Berks Credit & Collections, Inc. Sets New Industry Precedents

Since its formation, AR Logix, Inc. has been setting standards in the medical collections industry – and a recent legal victory demonstrates the extent of their influence in healthcare services.  In a recent case brought before an Ohio district court, Berks Credit & Collections, Inc., a collections subsidiary of AR Logix Inc.,  has set new precedents for the frequency and acceptability of collections calls and the plaintiffs withdrew their allegations The that Berks Credit & Collections, Inc had been “harassing” them.

Though the plaintiffs alleged that the Berks Credit & Collections, Inc.’s credit collections team had placed 69 phone calls to their residence within two months (and that this constituted harassment), the courts did not agree. The following reasons were given for the outcome in favor of Berks Credit & Collections, Inc.:

  • All calls were made between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm (none outside of normal waking hours).
  • The calls were never made more than 3 times per day, and never immediately following each other.
  • During the 2-month period, there were 24 days in which no calls were made.
  • The plaintiffs only answered the phone once in the entire two months.  They never communicated that they wished for the calls to stop.

Berks Credit & Collections, Inc., along with all of AR Logix, Inc.’s brand of healthcare revenue cycle management companies, continues to set precedents and provide the most successful, respectful and patient-sensitive services to medical facilities seeking to outsource their business office, medical collections and training.

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