Physician and Hospital Billing & Follow Up

Today’s best practice for physician and hospital billing involves early on follow-up by phone as opposed to sending patient statements.

OutReach’s Physician/Hospital Billing & Follow Up program uses various advanced technologies to help medical organizations best manage accounts receivables.  The program works as a transparent extension to your business office and gives you the advantage of streamlining task efficiency while also promoting patient-friendly care.

Programs are typically a 60 to 120 day cycle and then are returned to our clients to send to a 3rd party medical collection agency.

Collectability Scoring

Collectability scoring is a process different from the well-known FICO scores used by credit bureaus.  OutReach utilizes a collectability scoring model specific to healthcare to help hospitals and medical providers determine a patient’s propensity to pay – or “likelihood of paying” – a medical bill. A patient’s collectability score is determined using 80 different attributes determined by a credit-reporting agency.

Once your patients collectability score is determined, you will be able to immediately identify patients who will need financial assistance or charity care. By determining eligibility early, you’ll be significantly more likely to receive your compensation – and your practice or hospital will be better equipped to qualify patients for the financial assistance they may need quickly. Once we contact the patient and qualify for eligibility, we can assist in the application process and submit them to our clients. For more information click here.

Dialer Stratification Program

Using LiveVox technology, OutReach has the ability to create a comprehensive call strategy that prioritizes calling patients with the highest pay propensity in order to optimize your recovery.

Call priority is determined by OutReach’s collectability scoring process.  It is not a very efficient strategy to use your time and resources attempting to collect from patients who have a low propensity to pay. Instead, your practice’s or hospital’s efforts will be spent focusing on patients with the highest “likelihood of paying.”

When a member of your practice or hospital receives a scored account, they will be able to determine a negotiation strategy immediately with patients with payment arrangements, settlements or PIF.

Benefits of utilizing LiveVox technology through OutReach:

  • Competitors can make 5,000 call attempts per day using a traditional dialer
  • We can make more than 1 million call attempts per week using LiveVox technology
  • Right party contact reached on nearly 100% of connected calls
  • Has no call delay (“Hello?  Hello?”)
  • Speaks with a smooth, human voice – no machine voices used!
  • Ability to choose from various voice talents
  • Voice Recorded Technology (VRT) makes all calls with your patients available for review

Read more about the benefits our partnership with LiveVox in the LiveVox Press Release or on the AR Logix Blog.

For a downloadable PDF, please click here.

Payment Monitoring

Monitoring, collecting and resolving patient payments is labor intensive and costly for any practice or hospital.  OutReach’s payment monitoring program manages follow-ups on the client’s existing patient payment arrangements.  By monitoring patient payment arrangements through reminders and follow up calls,  you are assured the greatest collectability at a lower rate and higher liquidation.

With OutReach’s payment monitoring, you will be able to:

  • Avoid aging, unpaid account receivables
  • Create a higher level of patient satisfaction with better customer service
  • Build strong relationships with patients by avoiding sending them to collections

Once the terms of the payment arrangement with your patients has been established, OutReach will:

  • Generate payment plan reminder notices
  • Monitor payment plan arrangements
  • Accept patient payments online, by mail or by speaking to a representative
  • Follow up with patients by phone within 24 hours of a broken payment arrangement
  • Gather past due payments and re-establish payment arrangement
  • Return patient account for review if an arrangement has not been kept or acknowledge by the patient for over 45 days

For a downloadable pdf, please click here.

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