Free Collection Resources

Compliance Resources

Final IRS 501(r) Regulations under the Affordable Care Act
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FCC’s 2015 TCPA Declaratory Ruling: Are You in Compliance
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Collection Agency Reporting Best Practices
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Guide to Credit Reporting Regulation Updates
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Credit Bureau Reporting Compliance Update
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Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare
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Improving Patient Engagement Webinar
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Online video Tutorials

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Time of Service & Collection Training Resources

Insurance Basics Training Materials
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5 Metrics for Measuring Revenue Cycle Success
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8 Steps to a Good Collection Call
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Guide to Contacting Patients
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New Patient Payment Options
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Harassment or Abuse Guidelines
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Bankruptcy & Patient Collections ebook
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How to Choose a Collection Agency
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Improve Time of Service Collections
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Personality Types Assessment
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Good Listening Skills
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Skiptracing Resources
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Understanding Why Patients Don’t Pay
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Improve Your Time of Service Collections
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Early Follow Up Best Practices
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Collecting Higher Patient Responsibility eBook
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Communicating with Patients: What are you really saying?
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Improve Patient Satisfaction: Make the Shift from Volume to Value
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Collections by the Numbers
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3 Connecting Questions: Improving the Patient Connection
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Reimbursement Resources

Common Causes of Insurance Denials and How to Avoid Them
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Revving Up Reimbursements
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Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plan Comparison Guide
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State Laws

You can find the info of each state, touching on the map or by using the selector.

var tableStates = {
“AL”: “Alabama”,
“AK”: “Alaska”,
“AS”: “American Samoa”,
“AZ”: “Arizona”,
“AR”: “Arkansas”,
“CA”: “California”,
“CO”: “Colorado”,
“CT”: “Connecticut”,
“DE”: “Delaware”,
“DC”: “District Of Columbia”,
“FM”: “Federated States Of Micronesia”,
“FL”: “Florida”,
“GA”: “Georgia”,
“GU”: “Guam”,
“HI”: “Hawaii”,
“ID”: “Idaho”,
“IL”: “Illinois”,
“IN”: “Indiana”,
“IA”: “Iowa”,
“KS”: “Kansas”,
“KY”: “Kentucky”,
“LA”: “Louisiana”,
“ME”: “Maine”,
“MH”: “Marshall Islands”,
“MD”: “Maryland”,
“MA”: “Massachusetts”,
“MI”: “Michigan”,
“MN”: “Minnesota”,
“MS”: “Mississippi”,
“MO”: “Missouri”,
“MT”: “Montana”,
“NE”: “Nebraska”,
“NV”: “Nevada”,
“NH”: “New Hampshire”,
“NJ”: “New Jersey”,
“NM”: “New Mexico”,
“NY”: “New York”,
“NC”: “North Carolina”,
“ND”: “North Dakota”,
“MP”: “Northern Mariana Islands”,
“OH”: “Ohio”,
“OK”: “Oklahoma”,
“OR”: “Oregon”,
“PW”: “Palau”,
“PA”: “Pennsylvania”,
“PR”: “Puerto Rico”,
“RI”: “Rhode Island”,
“SC”: “South Carolina”,
“SD”: “South Dakota”,
“TN”: “Tennessee”,
“TX”: “Texas”,
“UT”: “Utah”,
“VT”: “Vermont”,
“VI”: “Virgin Islands”,
“VA”: “Virginia”,
“WA”: “Washington”,
“WV”: “West Virginia”,
“WI”: “Wisconsin”,
“WY”: “Wyoming”

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
stateStyles: {fill: “#dfdfdf”},
stateHoverStyles: {fill: “#338ec9″},
showLabels: true,
click : function(event, data) {
var stateName = tableStates[].toLowerCase().replace(” “, “-“);
window.location = “/”+stateName+”-collection-laws”;
mouseover : function(event, data) {
var title = tableStates[];

“).text(title).appendTo(“body”).fadeIn(“slow”).css(“position”, “absolute”);
$(“#map”).mousemove(function(e) {
var mousex = e.pageX – 50; //Get X coordinates
var mousey = e.pageY – 80; //Get Y coordinates
$(“.tooltip_map”).css({ top: mousey, left: mousex });
mouseout: function(event, data) {


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