District of ColumbiaCollection Laws


•No creditor, debt collector, or collection agency, or their representatives or agents shall contact consumers by telephone before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m. EST or EDT, whichever time zone is in effect.



• Legal Rate: The rate of interest in the District is upon the loan or forbearance of money, goods, or things in action in the absence of expressed contract, is 6% per annum.

• Contract Rate: The parties to an instrument in writing for the payment of money at a future time may contract for the payment of interest on the principal amount thereof at a rate not exceeding 24% per annum.

• Judgment Rate: 70% of the rate of interest for underpayment of tax to the Internal Revenue Service, rounded to the nearest full percent, or if exactly 1/2 of 1%, increased to the next highest full percent; provided, that a court of competent jurisdiction may lower the rate of interest under this subsection for good cause shown or upon a showing that the judgment debtor in good faith is unable to pay the judgment.

• Corporate Rate: Not set



• Age of Majority: 18 years of age, except that this chapter shall not affect any common-law or statutory right to child support.



• The fact that a person is or was married or registered as a domestic partner shall not impair the rights and responsibilities of such person.

• Both spouses or domestic partners shall be liable on any debt, contract, or engagement entered into by either of them during
their marriage or the term of the domestic partnership for necessaries for either of them or for their dependent children.

• Except as otherwise provided by law, a married minor shall be subject to the same disabilities, including the requirement for
appointment of a guardian for the minor’s estate, as an unmarried minor.

• The District of Columbia has no Community Property provisions in District law



• On an Executor’s or Administrator’s Bond: 5 years; on any other bond or single bill, covenant, or other instrument under
seal – 12 years

• On a Simple Contract, Expressed or Implied: 3 years

• Judgments: Every final judgement or final decree for the payment of money rendered in the United States District Court for
the District of Columbia; or Superior Court for the District of Columbia, when filed and recorded in the office of the Record of
Deeds of the District of Columbia, is enforceable for the period of 12 years. At the expiration of the 12 year period, the judgement
or decree shall cease.


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