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OutReach, LLC, a division of AR Logix, Inc., is a business process outsourcing company that helps alleviate providers’ struggles with decreases in revenue and resources. Once patient responsibility has been determined as either true self-pay or balance after insurance, OutReach acts as a transparent extension to your business office by creating fully customizable solutions to help you manage your healthcare organization’s in-office responsibilities. This allows your staff to become more efficient and focus on the things that are most important: providing an excellent patient experience and delivering high-quality patient care.

Rates as low as 10% &
Immediate Cash

Our rates speak for themselves. With rates as low as 10% for your hospital or practice, we offer a return well worth your investment.

Insurance Denied Claims
Setup in 48 hours

Our team will handle your backlog of claims starting immediately & will get your office up and running within 48 hours of placement with our flat contingency rate of 7%.

Why Outsource Using OutReach?

The cost of handling patient statements can amount to thousands of dollars each year. We cover the hard costs of sending your patient statements, giving you immediate cash on hand.

4,000patient statements/month
$0.55per statement
$26,400savings per year
  •  Save up to 25% in lost revenue with timely filing & claim resubmissions.
  •  Collect 20% more of your true self-pay.
  •  Increase balance after insurance payments by at least 50%.
  •  Use collectability scoring to identify patients propensity to pay.
  •  Determine Charity Care & financial assistance eligibility.

Stopping your routine to answer & make phone calls is inconvenient for you & the patient.
Our US-based staff answers all inbound calls throughout the day & makes outbound calls at times that are convenient for patients.

Training administrative staff to protect your brand and reputation costs time & money.
Our priority is to be the best representative of your business. We use the same name & local prefix-numbers as our clients & record calls for quality assurance.

Juggling a long list of tasks & focusing on patient care can create a hectic office environment.
We streamline your business processes to increase efficiency.

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or call1-855-275-6449 Toll Free.

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