Expanding Staff Job Skills in Medical Collections Training

The main reasons why patient account representatives find collecting patient responsibility wholesale NBA jerseys so challenging is that they are not confident in what they may or may not be allowed to say, and they are unfamiliar with current industry regulations. Unless originally trained by a medical collections expert, most patient account representatives will not have the knowledge of best collection practices, as well as understanding their important role in the revenue cycle process.

Through Collector University’s free medical collections training seminars, medical providers and hospitals are Connect offered an in-depth learning approach to understand best collection practices. Our in-person seminars offer your practice’s staff the chance to learn how to effectively communicate and collect from your most difficult patients. Collector University seminars Medical are a great way to get billing staff trained while allowing them the opportunity to ask questions and get them answered immediately.

Other reasons why you should come to a Collector University seminar:

  • The seminar is for medical providers and hospitals only and is 100% free to attend.
  • Learn how to recognize and overcome patients’ objections and excuses, Buyer such as: “The doctor only saw me for 5 minutes,” “It’s not cheap nba jerseys my responsibility; It’s my ex-husbands’,” “The lady at the front said I didn’t owe the money,” and many more.
  • Learn how to avoid small payments with long-term arrangements. No more $5 and $10 monthly payments!
  • Learn how to collect co-pays, cheap jerseys deductibles and co-insurances at the time-of-service.
  • Learn what you can and cannot communicate to your patients within the guidelines of your individual state collection laws and the FDCPA.
  • Learn how to educate, motivate and empower your staff to collect more money on their very next call.
  • Learn how to understand your patients’ perspective to gain confidence when asking for payment.
  • Earn 3.5 CEU credits from the AAPC.
  • Learn why patients pay their medical bills last!

By learning the proper techniques of medical collections, your staff will be better equipped to work txakoli with patients and create custom-tailored payment plans to keep your practice up to its correct revenue cycle speed.

Click here to see upcoming medical collections training seminars by Collector University. All seminars are free, and for medical providers and hospitals only.

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