What Inner-State Are You Traveling On? – By Vicki Hess, RN, MS & Certified Speaking Professional

Professional Paradise - Vicki Hess

Summer Vacation! Just the mention of it conjures up long road trips. I can go back in time to picture me and my sisters drawing lines on the seat. “Don’t touch my side.” I can hear my sons saying, “Are we there yet?” “I’m hungry!” I’m sure this all sounds familiar to you as well.

Whether you are going on a summer vacation or not, summer is often a quieter time at work to reflect and rejuvenate. It’s a perfect time to check which Inner-State you are traveling on. No, this isn’t a typo. I don’t mean interstate; I mean inner-state as in what is the inner state of your mind. What are your beliefs and mindsets that are driving your actions and outcomes?

Take a moment now to respond to these three questions to make sure you are in the driver’s seat on the Inner-State of your choosing for your professional road trip.

  1. What is something I believe about work that is holding me back? (ie, “Only people with an advanced degree can rise in an organization.”)
  2. What new belief can I adopt to counter the one that is holding me back? (ie, “It’s reasonable to believe that all different skills are needed to lead, including work experience.”)
  3. What mindsets do I want to intentionally connect with at work to create Professional Paradise for others and myself? (ie, “There’s good in everyone.” “There’s many ways to accomplish tasks.” “It’s ok to ask for help.”)

Your Inner-State determines how rough and bumpy your road at work is or how smooth and detour free your journey becomes. Now remember, the paradigm doesn’t stop with the mindsets, you need to follow up with purposeful actions to get the outcome you are seeking.

Don’t get stuck looking in the rear view mirror. Look ahead and choose the Inner-State of your dreams to take you on your journey to Professional Paradise.

Guest Blogger: Vicki Hess, RN, MS, Certified Speaking Professional

Vicki works with healthcare organizations who want to positively impact employee engagement so they can meet their strategic and tactical goals including patient satisfaction, quality, productivity, finances and more. Vicki believes that employees should be seek out opportunities to be satisfied, energized and productive because it’s good for them! She helps leaders and team members create their own Professional Paradise no matter what’s happening around them. Check out Vicki’s other posts and download FREE resources at www.VickiHess.com.

2 Responses to “What Inner-State Are You Traveling On? – By Vicki Hess, RN, MS & Certified Speaking Professional”

  1. Fonda Kinsinger Says:

    This was a very helpful insight for myself and others in the department.

  2. admin Says:

    Good morning Fonda, I’m so happy you found it insightful! Vicki Hess has a lot of really great ideas. We will have another article coming from her this September, so please stop back!

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