Insurance Follow-Up & Denial ManagementInsurance Denied Claims Setup in 48 hours & a flat contingency rate of 7%

Handling insurance claims, resubmissions and working denials is very consuming on your time, resources and capital. So much so, that according to the MGMA Cost Study 2009, approximately 70% of denied claims are recoverable but only 50% of the denied claims are actually resubmitted.  By not efficiently working your insurance follow ups and denials, your practice or hospital could be losing up to and over 24% in uncollected revenue.

OutReach offers effective insurance follow up, denial management  and insurance resolutions that ensure optimum revenue recovery and increase cash flow. While utilizing technology, OutReach is able to  follow up with payers to identify, address and rectify any insurance related problems.  Our OutReach professionals with over 25+ years  of hospital billing experience are working your practice’s accounts and can increase a provider’s revenue by 15 – 20%.  With our flat contingency rate of 7% OutReach offers a return well worth your investment.  We will handle your practice’s or hospital’s backlog of claims starting immediately and will get your office up and running within 48 hours of placement.

OutReach delivers real solutions to clients to resolve:

  • Insurance authorizations and eligibility
  • Insurance denials and soft/hard appeals
  • Insurance resubmissions
  • Follow up with insurance companies
  • Follow up with patients for new demographic information
  • Billing of all insurances
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Auto compensation billing and follow up
  • Workman’s compensation billing and follow up
  • Obtaining missing insurance information
  • Secondary insurances and 3rd party payer mixes

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