Let IVR Systems Work For You

Most of us deal with interactive voice response (IVR) systems on a daily basis for everyday tasks like paying bills over the phone or checking movie times and flight schedules. The majority of customer-oriented companies, in fact, employ IVR technology in some aspect of their business, whether it’s accessing the company phone directory or rerouting calls to the pertinent operator or representative.

Although people have been reluctant in accepting IVR technology, the quality of IVR software has greatly improved in recent years and venta it has become an important part of many high-quality customer service systems.

Since IVR systems are not limited to 40-hour work weeks, the service can be available 24 hours a day, allowing for efficient communication with patients. Additionally, using IVR technology for outbound calls is more effective, as it dramatically increases the number of clients that providers are able to reach each day compared to using traditional dialers. Making the switch from live operators not only saves time and money for providers, but it can also cut down on wait time for patients whose questions can be easily answered by an IVR operator.

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