What is Medical or Hospital BPO?

Hospitals and medical providers are continuously looking for processes to help run their back office solutions more efficiently so that they can concentrate more heavily on their primary responsibility: patient care. By working with healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) partners skilled in providing services for organizations similar to theirs, hospitals and medical providers are able to do just that – effectively manage their healthcare accounts receivables while maintaining strong patient-doctor relationships.

Healthcare BPO partners help alleviate providers’ struggles with decreases in revenue, capital and resources, and should be able to manage processes such as:

  • Appointment reminders and rescheduling services
  • Skiptracing and statement processing
  • Physician/hospital billing and follow up
  • Self pay and balance after insurance
  • Payment monitoring
  • Insurance follow up and denial management
  • Charity care and financial assistance eligibility
  • Website and payment portals
  • Collection services

Why would a hospital choose to outsource revenue cycle management processes?

When hospitals and medical practices are understaffed or underequipped, they often look to outside companies that are able to handle revenue cycle management processes more effectively and efficiently. Medical professionals who rely on healthcare BPO are able to:

  • Save money on hardware, software, FTEs, training, and other organizational costs
  • Focus on critical activities, such as patient care, by allowing BPO partners to take care of back office operations
  • Increase revenue by allowing trained experts to handle billing and collection processes
  • Achieve a higher rate of patient satisfaction by building stronger patient relationships

Though HIPAA and other healthcare compliance regulations may make hospitals and providers wary of outsourcing their business processes, choosing a BPO vendor within the United States allows healthcare organizations to comply with patient privacy regulations and security protocols with ease.

OutReach, LLC is a division of AR Logix, Inc. and was designed as a healthcare business process outsourcing company. Its purpose is to help providers facing depleting finances, losses in revenue, and staffing and resource shortages by creating customizable solutions to help manage these and other business process challenges.

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