Patient Account Scoring and Its Benefit to Your Organization

Patient Account Scoring (or Collectability Scoring) is a process different from the well-known FICO scores used by credit bureaus. It is a collectability score specific to healthcare to help hospitals and medical providers predict a patient’s propensity to pay – or “likelihood of paying” – a medical bill.

Understanding your patient’s Collectability Score will help in prioritizing when calling patients for payment. It is not a very efficient strategy to use your time and resources attempting to collect from patients who have a low propensity to pay. Instead, your organization’s efforts – and those of its revenue cycle management service – will be spent focusing on patients with a high propensity to pay.

How is a patient’s score determined?

A patient’s collectability score is determined using 80 different attributes determined by credit-reporting agency, Experian. Attributes include, but are not limited to: Other medical debt payment history, promised payments for rent, car payments, magazine subscriptions, etc.  Scores are then put into a category of the patient’s propensity to pay. Please see the chart below.

What are the benefits?

When a member of your organization’s collections staff receives a scored account, they will be able to make better decisions with patients in negotiating payment arrangements, settlements, and immediately determining if someone is eligible for financial assistance, such as Charity Care.

Putting all of your accounts through an initial scoring process can be extremely beneficial, as it will help your staff and revenue cycle management service vendor make informed decisions throughout the recovery process. For more information about practices and technologies used by AR Logix, visit our Technology page here.

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    In need of a solution which has the following basic features
    1. Ability to calculate propensity to pay of patients using Patient demographic information
    2. Ability to integrate to the solution through API

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    Hello Abhinash, thank you for your interest! Someone from our team will reach out to you shortly to discuss personalized options to meet the needs of your healthcare practice. Have a wonderful day!

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