Positive Approach Collectors Work to Revert Negative Image

Typically collectors from big-name companies are portrayed and accused of bullying, misleading patients, and using unorthodox tactics to collect on unpaid debts. Unfortunately, the media rarely shows medical debt collection agencies who are quite the opposite of that stereotype. As collection agencies are struggling with this negative image, more and more collections and revenue cycle management companies are changing the trend and are receiving recognition for their patient-friendly tactics and are still seeing positive results.

Berks Credit & Collections provides training for their collectors, encouraging them to use friendly tactics to obtain positive results for clients, while maintaining good relationships with patients. If collectors are good communicators, friendly and nice to talk to, patients feel more willing to discuss sensitive financial issues. To ensure client satisfaction and peace of mind, Berks Credit & Collections also records all of their phone calls with patients. Clients can review the recordings at any time, to make sure that their patients are being treated with respect.

“Our positive approach is proven successful with our higher liquidation rates.” said Christina Landis, AR Logix, Inc. Marketing Manager. “Just think about yourself in this situation; would you want to pay a friend or an enemy? I think the answer is obvious.”

By focusing on credit counseling and providing financial assistant resources to patients, debt collection and revenue cycle management companies can help debunk negative stereotypes set by aggressive collectors. Positive practices are especially important when it comes to medical debt collection since many patients already feel ashamed or embarrassed about their inability to pay and do not want to  feel strong-armed into paying more than they can afford. If industry leaders work to change the perceptions people have of debt collectors, they can earn patients’ trust, receive more positive feedback, and improve the overall revenue cycle process for healthcare facilities.

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