Please Hold…Patients Don’t Want to Wait for You

It is no secret that people will adopt nearly any technology that makes their lives easier. Almost two-thirds of Americans own a smart phone and they are now able to use them to do almost everything more conveniently. From snapping photos of checks instead of driving to the bank to ordering groceries through an app, people are becoming more accustomed to accomplishing everyday tasks instantly with the help of their technology.

The same holds true for your patients.  There is an increasing demand for timely access and information between patients and providers. The ability to provide patients with the same convenience they have come to expect in banking and shopping can only improve their experience and satisfaction with your organization, which is becoming increasingly more important under the healthcare reform.

It is for this reason that AR Logix, Inc. has decided to test a new valued-added phone service to make patients’ access to you easier and more convenient. We have opted to act as a beta test site for our cloud contact center partner, LiveVox, in testing their newest service: scheduled call backs.

Medical Call Center Technology_Scheduled Call Backs Comparison ChartScheduled Call Back Solutions

While we strive to answer every call immediately upon receipt, hold times are inevitable. From time to time we experience high inbound call volumes which can result in longer than usual hold times. The scheduled call back feature we are testing  is designed to make that experience more enjoyable by allowing your patients to get back to their lives when they are unable to dedicate time to holding for a representative.

Your patients can even opt to use this feature when hold times are not long, but rather when they would like to pre-schedule a time to speak with someone about their medical bills at a time that is most convenient for them. This strategy has proven to improve customer experience and call center efficiencies simultaneously.

How does this differ from traditional solutions?

While this concept is not necessarily new, LiveVox’s approach emphasizes the option to schedule the call back at a time convenient for the patient. Most tools allow the patient to leave the call while their place in the queue is preserved, and they receive a call back when an agent becomes available. This is a nice option for those who would like to get back to their life rather than sit on hold, but it falls short of their desire to accomplish the task of contacting their provider instantly, as they have become accustomed too in so many other aspects of their life.

What the LiveVox solution will do is provide the patient with the option to receive a call back at a time that is most convenient for that call to take place in the event that an immediate call back is not an option for them.  We believe this nuance of our solution will not only improve our ability to serve your patients, but will differentiate your organization through an exceptional  patient experience.

Learn more about our strategic partnership with LiveVox or the other technologies we utilize to improve healthcare organization’s revenue cycle.


Written by Ali Bechtel, Public Relations Coordinator

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