Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Efficient patient communication is easy with our intelligent phone technology.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – LiveVox

Utilization of IVR technology through SoundBite software allows for efficient and optimized communication with your patients. Utilizing a hosted predictive dialer will incorporate intelligent call routing, allow for warm transfers from prompt to human contact, and dynamic call pacing for maximum recovery.

How your organization can benefit from IVR:

  • Competitors can make 5,000 call attempts per day using a traditional dialer. We can make 100,000 call attempts per day using our LiveVox technology
  • Nearly 100% of calls reach Right Party Contact
  • Calls are made during hours that are convenient to the patients
  • No call delay (“Hello? Hello?”)
  • Ability to choose voice talent and greeting
  • Voice talent is a human voice – no machine voices used!
  • In an EBO environment, caller ID will reflect client’s name, area code and prefix
  • Email and texting options to your patients is available

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