Collector University

Hear what past attendees are saying about ‘Collecting from Patients in a Difficult Economy Seminar’!

“I feel more confident and better informed about collections and will definitely use the tips I’ve learned in the future.”


Orlando Heart Center, Orlando, FL

“I have listened to many webinars in my time. You folks get straight to thepoint with information. That’s why I am here. So many take this time to market or plug their company. If we didn’t like you we wouldnot be listening to your webinars. Most of us have done our research. Out of all the information I have read concerning the TCPA you have been the most clear. Keep up the good work!”

Anonymous TCPA Webinar Attendee

“I feel more confident and better informed about collections and will definitely use the tips I’ve learned in the future.”


Orlando Heart Center, Orlando, FL

“The Collector University [webinar] was informative, well paced, and gave providers confidence when dealing with patients during this changing economy.”


Marietta, GA

“This was my second time attending Collector U and I get so much out of it each time I come. I will attend again in the future.”


Rockville, MD

“Your presentation made me want to work for your company! I’m excited about collecting money!”

Reston, VA

“This was my third time in this seminar and I always enjoy it. I liked the information on tips to collect the money from the patient.”

Reston, VA

“I have worked with AR Logix’s Berks Credit and Collections for the past 22 years. I am extremely satisfied with the sales and customer service that their office provides. AR Logix and its representatives bring a personal connection to the business world that is oftentimes lacking. In 22 years I have never had a problem that AR Logix was not able and willing to handle quickly and efficiently.”

Paula Tretter, Billing Administrator

Pottsville Radiology, Pottsville, PA

“Berks treats their clients well, and I love working with them. Whenever I call, I receive answers quick – and if I leave a voicemail, a representative always get back to me within a reasonable amount of time.”

University Vasuclar Surgery, Indiana, IN

“I thought it taught me a lot and made me see the areas that need improvement in my practice and how I deal with patients when attempting to collect on an account.”


Marietta, GA

“I wasn’t sure just what to expect when I read the word “free” imagine my surprise when I found myself thinking I would have gladly paid a fee for me and for members of my staff.”


Schaumburg, IL

“Finally, I’m getting real training on how to effectively do my job. Thank You!”


Pediatric Medical Services, Schaumburg, IL

“I found this to be very informative, especially in this day and age where we need to collect for every service provided.”


Downers Grove Pediatrics, Glen Ellyn, IL

“You gave great tips on “rewording” what we say.”


Atlanticare Surgery Center. Voorhees, NJ

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Berks Credit and Collections

Hear what our clients have to say about our debt collections services


“I have been using Berks Credit and Collections as my outside collection agency since 1994. We are very satisfied with the customer service we receive. The staff is always courteous and very helpful when we call. Our accounts and payments are always processed accurately and efficiently. Tom Klitsch, our rep, is always available to assist with any problems we have and makes working with the agency delightful.”

Paula Tretter, Billing Administrator

Pottsville Radiology, Medical Billing & Management Services

“AtlantiCare Surgery Center has used Berk’s credit and collection agency for several years. In my four years with the company I have worked very closely with all the departments and I have nothing but praise for the entire company. They offer a very personalized service and you speak to the same people all the time. Not only are they knowledgeable and professional but they also get results. I would strongly recommend Berks to any office that is interested in collecting money that is owed to them.”

Maria Herron, Billing Representative

AtlantiCare Surgery Center

“I wanted to commend the continued efforts of Berks on our behalf given the current economic climate. You continue to make it an easy decision to have Berks as an exclusive “go-to” partner helping me secure outstanding receivables. Over the course of the 14 years I have worked with them, Berks consistently out performs and out supports any other group I have come across. Given your willingness to listen, analyze and offer solutions to various issues we have had over the course of time has allowed me to think of Berks as an extension of my own staff. Thank you for such a client focused approach to your business, adjusting to our needs and wants to help us accomplish our business. I look forward to our continued partnership and mutual success.”

Philip Seluchins, Director for Billing & Contracting

Diagnostic Imaging Associates

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Here what our clients have to say about our services

“Our relationship with them has been a successful one. They are currently handling our private pay patient accounts. I have found them to be extremely diplomatic in their approach to our patients. They have filled a need for us where we did not have sufficient resources on staff. They are prompt in resolving any issues they may encounter. They are all about customer service and results oriented. I highly recommend their services. “


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